The Global Crypto Regulatory Landscape

Jul 28, 2023  •  Written by NotDegenAmy and Derek

One of the key crypto themes in our 2023 thematic outlook is the rise of clearer and more robust regulations in the space. This is an understandable and timely development, given how incidents in 2022 revealed the shortcomings and loopholes in the ecosystem.

At Ocular, we have been closely monitoring updates on the regulatory front, in view of the potential impact that it could have on businesses and investors, as well as the public’s confidence towards the ecosystem.

This article summarises our research on the current crypto regulatory landscape across eight key countries/regions, namely the US; EU; UK; Singapore; Hong Kong; Thailand; Dubai; and Brazil, as of July 2023. These countries/regions were chosen as they have been very active in developing their regulatory regime. While these regulations may continue to evolve, we have observed a few trends thus far and we will be discussing our views in this article.