We’ve got what it takes to land a moonshot

With mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and associated blockchain technologies, Web3 is becoming increasingly relevant in everyday life.

We believe that there will be a paradigm shift with services and products being built on faster, trustless and more transparent infrastructure, attracting billions of users.

We aim to back, and realize, the next wave of moonshot companies in Defi, Gaming, Infrastructure and Tooling, who will go on to fundamentally change how we experience technology.

Ocular’s Advantages

Network and Synergies

Wide network within crypto and venture space since 2014 with 50+ investments, able to effectively source deals and create synergies between crypto and real world tech applications within the portfolio.

Geographical Advantage

Deep understanding of Southeast Asian consumer behavior & fintech, a region with leading crypto adoption and innovation. 5 offices in the region with native language skills and extensive relationships with institutions, corporates, large families and tech investors.


OSV’s track record since 2014 as a top quartile VC fund manager with full Capital Market Services License (“CMSL”) issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Value Add

In-house full-time software engineers, data scientists, HR and marketing personnel for pre-investment DD and post-investment monitoring.